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Our speakers participate in a variety of speaking events from annual conferences to chamber, corporation and association meetings to local community organization chat groups.  They speak on a variety of topics related to civility, conduct and behavior to help advance respect and kindness in a world today where nearly 80% of Americans believe Civility in America Today is in a downward spiral mode. 

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Judith Bowman

Judith Bowman is the founder and president of Protocol Consultants International, as well as the founder and Executive Director of the National Civility Foundation. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and visionary. Her work is distinguished in the field of Professional Presence/Civility globally. For the past quarter century she has helped individuals at all levels in multiple disciplines from startup companies to Fortune 500 firms, political leaders and royalty deepen awareness of how practiced respectful behaviors resonate in powerful ways to make others feel acknowledged and valued to advance critical interpersonal relationships and positively influence the bottom line. Her work further inspires and empowers individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Author of “Don’t Take the Last Donut” (first published in 2007) the book is sold in 16 countries, translated in 14 languages and remains on the recommended reading list of many Fortune 500 firms, colleges, and universities as well as leading life coaches. Ms. Bowman’s second book, “How to Stand Apart @ Work… Transforming “Fine” to Fabulous!” is written to address today’s on-demand culture and serves as a manual for young professionals and veteran professionals alike. Judith is presently writing her third book, “Modern Day Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior,” an updated account of George Washington’s “110 Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior” still being sold today (nearly 500 years later) because so many of the same rules apply however, many do not.


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Craig Freshley

Craig Freshley is a professional speaker, author, and meeting facilitator with an inspiring attitude and a well-earned reputation for helping groups be efficient, harmonious, and productive. Craig has professionally facilitated 3,000 meetings where he has helped groups make good decisions. He is the owner of a Good Group Decisions, Inc. and the author of The Wisdom of Group Decisions. Craig works with a very wide range of clients including businesses, governments and non-profits of all sizes and in all sectors. Craig has Bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Maine and a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Management from the Muskie School for Public Service. He has worked for the MaineState Planning Office and for the Maine Development Foundation. He has extensive experience in public policy development with special expertise in community indicators, environmental policy, downtown revitalization, education policy, and healthcare policy. His research and writings serve as valuable resources for government, non-profit, corporate, and community leaders.

What’s the right response to growing incivility and troubling political trends? What role should civil discourse play to bring change or make peace; in the world and in your workplace? Come hear public policy expert Craig Freshley share his views on these questions and join a discussion with your peers. Craig Freshley will explain how civility is eroding in America and how Make Shift Coffee House is responding.

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