Our mission at the National Civility Foundation is to heighten awareness of civility and advance socialization, respect and understanding in our daily lives... to encourage the intentional practice of small, random acts of kindness and engender good will while showing compassion and encouraging a more people-centric, compassionate civilized society.   


Our vision is to advance attention to the responsibility each of us has to detach from our comfort zone, renounce rudeness and intentionally extend our best self to make a part of someone else’s day better. Given that others naturally gravitate toward positive people and covet leaders, it is the vision of this foundation that practiced principles are embraced and realized to help restore civility and respectful behavior in our streets, neighborhoods and throughout our country to help make America an even better place for ourselves and future generations.

Merely helping students get a job or accepted into a college is not enough.  Helping ensure a low/no drop-out rate and providing the tools to help ensure students flourish … on the job and in life (!) by helping develop their interpersonal communication skills is the goal.  The fact is employers assume book knowledge and technical acumen is in place and hire those who possess the elusive “it” factor.  Moreover, regardless of business discipline, people hire, people choose to do business and people refer business to people they know like and trust.  We believe the most effective approach is to help support the teachers who serve as role models and mentors to students.  Teachers help shape America’s future leaders and our programs give teachers the support they need to enable them to share best practices and craft more personalized scalable solutions to learning that can be adopted quickly and broadly.  Teachers need to be at the center of crafting and refining curriculum and instructional materials that meet students’ needs and be better prepared to succeed.

All the multi-tiered social media platforms aside, at some point, we will or should come face-to-face and personally meet a new employer, colleague, client, competitor or new online friend. Awareness of acceptable versus completely unacceptable codes of personal conduct and correct professional behavior is essential.  Being confident and comfortable knowing how to personally interact i.e. shake hands, introduce yourself and others, make “small talk” with perfect strangers, network, exchange cards, … dress appropriately for the occasion, and knowing how to conduct yourself at a business interview or meeting will positively distinguish you.  Exhibiting confidence as a guest or host at any out-of-office venue where relationships are established is key.  Demonstrating knowledge of a cross-cultural nuances while hosting international visitors will help fortify or impede efforts toward developing a personal relationship and building future rapport, the foundation of any successful business association.

Secondary Objective: 

To provide specialized training and education to help aspiring leaders of the next generation know How to Stand Apart to better compete, lead, advance.


The Golden Rule: "Do Unto Others…." and "Actions speak louder than words" are mantras we actively seek to perpetuate.


  • Launched the first “Day of Civility” November 22, 2016, State House, Boston, Massachusetts. 

  • Offer one-on-one Training, Online-training and Development and Training Certification programs to schools, universities, companies – Next Generation leaders.

  • Promote game-based learning in Dining Savvy where final job interviews are conducetd and relationships are shattered or strengthened as a result of something you may or may not have done right at lunch.  This dining game makes learning basic dining precepts fun while sharing quality (family) time togther.   

  • Sharing random acts of kindness through our Share Page to show how our actions can truly make a difference in another’s day or even, their life.

  • Launch national campaign to promote respectful behavior and random acts of kindness through social media, on billboards, in cinemas, blogs, etc..  

  • Bitz "24 in 24" Random Acts of Kindness through social media.

  • Finish writing and publish, “Modern Day Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior" by Judith Bowman.  

  • Submit timely blogs and articles for national syndication.

  • Promote Mentoring program and profile leading Women CEO's who have shattered the Glass Ceiling; publish book by Judith Bowman.

  • Launch NCF Speaker’s Bureau.

  • Collaborate with other select non-profit organizations and work together to to help realize and promulgate respectful behavior, advance our shared purpose and passion.  

  • Create a Membership opportunity to encourage active participation.


Board of Directors

Judith Bowman, Executive Director

Judith Bowman founded Judith Bowman Enterprises dba: Protocol Consultants International in 1993 and has prospered to become an established Business Protocol expert. Ms. Bowman is an educator, corporate speaker, author (Don’t Take the Last Donut:  New Rules of Business Etiquette,” “How to Stand Apart @ Work … Transforming “Fine to Fabulous!”)  She is a renowned authority in the field of Professional Presence/Business Protocol, International Protocol Awareness, Dining Savvy, Presentation Skills and personal and professional development. Ms. Bowman provides education, training, seminars and personal coaching services to leaders of the next generation, small and medium companies, as well as Fortune 500 firms.  She also provides Protocol Certification for those who want a career as a Protocol Consultant.  Ms. Bowman works with students and professionals at all levels, political leaders and royalty.




linda apsy ncf color photo.jpg

Linda J. Apsey

Linda Apsey is Founder and General Partner of Linda Connect, Broker/Owner of Signature Real Estate of Cape Cod, President and Founder, Resource Partnerships Consulting, President and Founder, Beacon International, Executive Search.  Ms. Apsey has flourished as a business executive and entrepreneur with more than 30 years professional experience in business management, real estate sales and development, executive search and consulting in the private and public sectors.  She has been deeply involved with community service in Washington, D.C., New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois and responsible for raising over $3M in donations for numerous charities over the last two decades.  Linda is presently a member of the Cape & Island Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors and is a Licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Broker, Virginia Licensed Agent, Property & Casualty, Life & Health, Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Instructor.



Rosanne J. Thomas

Rosanne J. Thomas, founder and president of Protocol Advisors, Inc. and author of, "Excuse Me: The Survival Guide to Modern Business Etiquette," Ms. Thomas believes “Professional Presence” is attainable by everyone.  From the newly hired to executives with decades of experience, it is never too late, or too soon, to reap the very real benefits enhanced “Professional Presence” provides.  Whether one is looking to land a new job or a new client, or to solidify a key relationship or get a key promotion, Ms. Thomas empowers people to get where they want to go, in the quickest and surest fashion.  Her training instills confidence, enabling professionals to sell themselves and the organizations they represent in ways that ensure the greatest level of personal, professional and financial success.




Jacquelyn New Headshots 2019 02.jpeg

Jacquelyn Youst

Jacquelyn Youst is president and founder of Pennsylvania Academy of Protocol, specializing in business and lifestyle protocol training, and dedicated to helping individuals polish their interpersonal communication skills to advance relationships. She is a graduate of the Fashion Stylist Institute and a certified image consultant and member of The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). With over 20 years combined experience, she has the knowledge and charisma necessary to guide individuals in lifestyle and business protocol. Jacquelyn is currently a member of the International Association of Professional Etiquette Consultants.


Maureen S. O’Leary

MSO Headshot A.jpeg

Maureen S. O’Leary brings with her a successful career and professional experience as a results-oriented management executive in the areas of Strategic Planning, Marketing, Public Relations, Sports Marketing, Branding, Sponsorship and Real Estate, Property and Construction Management.Years of experience with increasing responsibility, including large team management, for a Fortune Five company. Also, 15 years of  General Manager experience with independent company responsibilities for a major business and increasing NOI. She possesses a unique combination of exceptional creativity with attention to detail. A recognized team builder and motivator; complemented with excellent communication skills. A strong background in program development, conference planning and executive leadership programs including; senior management sales conferences. speechwriting and customer partnership programs: Successes in fundraising and development, including strategic partnership programs along with Cause Related Marketing, Corporate Sponsorship/Branding and Value/Trend Analysis. An ability to translate planning activities into tangible business results with strong reputation for integrity. Fundraising Examples: Massachusetts United States Olympic Committee, Boston College and New England Center for Homeless Veterans fundraising efforts.


Candy O’Terry

Candy is the creator of the weekly podcast series The Story Behind Her Success, the legendary Exceptional Women radio show, 16 Life Lessons, and the new podcast series Sheroes & Heroes. The President & Co-Founder of Boston Women in Media & Entertainment, Candy is the recipient of 48 local and national awards for excellence in women’s programming.  The 2015 Massachusetts Broadcaster of the Year spent 25 years on Magic 106.7 where she connected with listeners in an authentic, memorable way. Her full- length CD Dream Come True includes songs heard around the world.  A highly sought after public speaker, emcee, moderator, endorser and broadcast talent, Candy’s greatest joy is shining a light on women doing great things with their lives.