“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”   Maya Angelou.  

24 Random Acts of Kindness:

To pro-actively practice in a 24- hour day to truly make a difference in another’s day or even, their life.

When you practice “24 in 24” … - 24 Random Acts of Kindness in 24 hours, others will remember how you made them feel, making you feel good, as well.   Try this list to get started.

1. Start by listing 5 “gratitude’s,” things for which you are grateful in your life.
2. Extend yourself and meet someone new today.
3. Make a point of acknowledging a random person during the course of the day; make small talk.
4. Listen to someone else’s challenges.  Encourage strength and faith where there is fear, doubt.
5. Console another.
6. Forgive someone.
7. Let your bright light shine from within and be felt by another.
8. Make someone laugh.
9. Extend a compliment.
10. Show understanding on an issue at hand.
11. Visit someone who is sick.
12. Pay it forward i.e. coffee, a toll.
13. Offer your seat to another.
14. Hold/open a door or elevator for another.
15. Consciously decide not to engage in road-rage or stress-out in traffic jams; breathe, sing, hang-back.
16. Smile – it tells the brain you are happy and suddenly, you are!  Smiles … like yawns, are contagious!
17. Proactively turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity.
18. Intervene on another’s behalf if necessary.
19. Make an unexpected personal telephone call – not a text.
20. Send an unexpected card or personal note – not an email.
21. Put all devices away when having a family meal or while dining with others.
22. Read to a child, elderly person or anyone who would appreciate this. 
23. Be conscious of saying “please,” “thank you,” “I’m sorry” and “excuse me.”
24. Say a prayer for someone else.




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