Toddler doles out hugs to strangers before leaving Atlanta festival with parents

On Saturday, the Sasfy family -- Nick, Stephanie and 2-year-old Jude -- were in Atlanta's Cabbagetown neighborhood for its Chomp and Stomp Festival. "Once we told Jude it's time to go bye bye, He gave every stranger a hug," he said in a Facebook video post that had at least 28 million views as of Tuesday.

In the video, as bluegrass plays in the background and festival-goers relax on the grass, chatting and taking in the scene, Jude can be seen walking around, on a mission to hug as many people as possible. As Jude makes his way around, festival-goers laugh and smile as some are caught off-guard by the toddler. Yet, everyone returns the embrace, smiling, and some even come over to get one, just in case he missed them. "Considering today's climate of division and hatred, we believe that the interest and reactions are attributed to people seeing the positive image of an innocent child hugging complete strangers [who, for the most part, don’t look like him] without judgment and hesitation," Nick Sasfy told ABC News in a statement.

"The comments that have resonated the most with us are those where others have expressed how this video has helped restore some hope in the world or how it has touched, encouraged and uplifted them."

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‘Petal it Forward’ Movement Spreads Smiles Through Random Acts of Kindness


October 24, 2018 

SUPERIOR, Wis.-Creating smiles for no reason at all…that’s what Engwalls and 450 other florists across the nation had in mind Wednesday morning as they participated in the ‘Petal it Forward’ movement.

The movement called for each person to keep a bouquet and give a bouquet to someone else for no reason other than spreading a random act of kindness.

This was Engwalls’ third year participating in the ‘Petal it Forward’ movement. The company gave out approximately 800 bouquets at Essentia Health in Superior Wednesday.

“We’re trying to show people the value of flowers on both the giving and the receiving of flowers and flowers help to create those smiles. It’s putting all those thoughts together, that random act of kindness with flowers,” said Engwalls’ florist Rod Saline.

Engwalls said that people love the idea of giving away flowers for free. They have a tremendous response to the event every year.

The company gave out all 800 bouquets in less than an hour.

Bad day for busy mom, turns around thanks to act of kindness


LUBBOCK, TX - It's not every day that a trip to the grocery store makes someone's day, but that's what happened this weekend at United Supermarket in Lubbock.

It all happened on Monday, when Amber Sparks had all five of her kids with her because of a student holiday. She had errands to run, so they came along with her.

After several stops, the last thing on the list was grocery shopping, and it was just before lunchtime. 

"They were hungry and angry, and it wasn't really pleasant," Amber Park said about her five kids. "They were asking, 'Can we get this? I'm so hungry, I want that.'"

When checking out at the United on 130th Street and Indiana Avenue, Park asked for $40 in cash back. But through the hectic time, the employee never gave her the cash. 

Park got all the way back to her home in Central Lubbock when she realized she didn't get her cash back. 

"I was frustrated because I have all these kids. We just finished running all these errands, and they're ready to be home and stay home," Park said. "I was grouchy and my kids just saw me get kind of feisty on the phone, like, 'What are you going to do make this better?'"

Tyler Connor was the one who answered Park's phone call. 

"When she said she had five kids, and they were all little, I mean, I saw them come into the store. I said, 'I completely understand," Connor said. 

Connor sent another employee all the way to Park's house to hand deliver the $40.

"He gets out of the car, and he's wearing a boot on his foot," said Park. "But he comes over with a big smile on his face and he walks over. And he says, 'Ma'am, I'm so sorry about that. We went ahead and added a $10 gift card for you.'"

Tyler Murphree was the one who delivered the money and the gift card, and he said it's all about United's goal for great customer service. 

"It's more of a personal thing. You don't want to leave a sour taste in someone's mouth," Murphree said. 

For the Park family, this act of kindness was worth way more than just $40.

"It meant a lot because someone heard and cared and you don't always get that," she said.

Park also posted this story on the Nextdoor app and said she received lots of comments and messages about people having similar stories when shopping at United. 

Local Officer Responsible for Mystery Act of Kindness

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Eileen Rinde is singing the praises of a stranger after witnessing an act of kindness.

"I don't know who you are, but you know who you are and the good Lord knows who you are, you did a wonderful thing for those kids," said Eileen Rinde.


She was heading to the Travelodge with her grandson around 8 Monday night, August 27, when saw four young panhandlers on the corner near Cash Wise in Moorhead.

The next morning, she went down to breakfast to find one of the panhandlers in the lobby.

"I asked the clerk, 'Does he work here?' and he said 'No, actually a police officer brought in four young homeless people, paid for their rooms so they could have a warm bed, a hot shower, and a meal for the day,"' she said.

Moorhead police can't confirm who this charitable champion is, but they say it's not uncommon for police officers to drop homeless people or panhandlers off at places they need to go.

It is unusual for them to pay for a night at a hotel.

And those dollars are what's making all the difference, to the kids, and those who witnessed it.

"What you did for those kids will last, they will remember that their whole life long," said Rinde.


New England Patriots team up with Bob’s Discount Furniture and A Bed for Every Child to provide beds for local children in need at Gillette Stadium

This article is thanks to Furniture Today. This press release is submitted and shown here in its original form, unedited by Furniture Today.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – August 13, 2018 – Bob’s Discount Furniture and the Patriots hosted an incredible event for 200 children in need at Gillette Stadium on Monday, August 13th. The children, ages 8 to 13 from Lynn and Salem, were surprised by the grand unveiling of 200 Bob O Pedic Patriots-themed beds, one bed for each child. In addition to the beds, the children also received new Patriots bedding and pajamas donated by Pajama Program. To continue reading this story please go to:


Boy honored for raising $1,600 for officers wounded in shooting


This great story is credited to WCVB 5 abc

FALMOUTH, Mass. —Falmouth police paused Monday to honor a boy who set up a successful lemonade stand to raise money for two wounded officers.

Joe Ledwick, 9, brought his earnings to the police department and presented them to Chief Edward Dunne.

"I got all the money," he told Dunne. "You got all the money? How did you do?" "Pretty good," Ledwick said as he opened the box on a table. "$1,591.09." To continue reading this story please go to:


Easton woman works to support others coping with loss

This heartfelt story is credited to 5 for Good  WCVB 5 abc, by Erika Tarantal

We Do Care offers group sessions and outings to connect grieving widows, widowers, and children

Easton, MASS —Heather Bartlett of Brockton recalls her happiest days, spending time with her partner Larry Craffey and playing with their three children on the beach. She said they are her most cherished memories.

"We talk about him and we laugh, and we just try to be happy," Bartlett said.

She said finding joy can be hard. Just over a year ago, Craffey died suddenly of a heart attack. "Somebody that we loved so much just was gone," Bartlett said.

The couple’s daughter Quinn was 4 years old, their twins Hunter and Aurora were 2 years old, and two months after Craffey’s death, Heather found out she was pregnant with their fourth child, Gabriel.

Bartlett said she had trouble finding comfort until she found a friend with a shared experience. Julie Brennan lost her partner in a car accident in 2010. They had a young child and Brennan was pregnant with their second.

"I looked around for young widows groups and they didn't exist," Brennan said. Gradually, Brennan said she was able to connect with women who understood her loss and struggles.

"There were four of us that started, and we would laugh, we would cry, we would talk about raising grieving children," Brennan said.

She decided to start We Do Care just over two years ago. The nonprofit is devoted to bringing widows and widowers together with the mission of fostering empowerment and hope through friendships.

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Hanover mother and son volunteer to help train guide dogs

This wonderful story is a credit to WCVB abc' 5 for Good and Erika Tarantal

HANOVER, Mass. —Mario, Sabba, Rumor and Ragu are all puppies raised in Hanover by a devoted pair. Lisa Bumbalo and her son Collin Wright are volunteer puppy raisers for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, an organization that trains service dogs for the visually impaired.

"You really try and teach them as much as you can to be respectful dogs," Bumbalo said.

Pat Webber is a regional manager for the organization, she said they depend on volunteers to give their dogs a good foundation. They teach the puppies house manners and basic obedience.

"They give so much of their time and energy," Webber said.

Bumbalo said it’s not easy, requiring “a lot of consistency, a lot of attention and a lot of hard work,” but, she said her son has been committed to training the dogs they’ve taken in from the start.                   

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5 for Good: Boston-based Letters Foundation offers grant to Lawrence teen

This wonderful story is thanks to WCVB 5 abc

In a conference room on Newbury Street in Boston, a team of volunteers weighs the merits of pleas for help from across the country.

Ilda Montoya said she spends sometimes more than 12 hours a week reading about people’s needs, often after a personal crisis.
"Some individuals start with their childhood and write 18-page to 20-page letters," Montoya said. "It could be anything from an eviction (to) an accident."

The letter readers donate their time and thoughtfulness to the Letters Foundation. The Foundation was established by Warren and Doris Buffett. Warren Buffet is chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is one of the richest men in the world.

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Video of little boy helping elderly woman struggling to walk up steps goes viral

This touching story is thanks to Caitlin O'Kane of CBS NEWS

When an 8-year-old boy in Milledgeville, Georgia, saw a woman struggling to get up some steps, he didn't hesitate to jump in and help.

Maurice Adams Jr. was with his mother when he saw the woman with her walker. He ran up the steps, put an arm around the woman, and helped her pick up her walker. The two made it up the steps with teamwork, and celebrated with a big hug.

After saying goodbye to the woman, Maurice ran back down the steps and hopped in his mom's car. His mom, Contrica Hill, didn't know it at the time, but a stranger was filming her son's good deed. 

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Girls raise money for South Coast pet oxygen masks

This wonderful story is bought to us by by Ashley Cullinane of NBC 10 NEWS

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (WJAR) — Two young girls are being praised by local fire departments for the efforts they made to help save pets' lives. Charlotte Roy and Kamiree Henicke, both 10, raised $527 at South Coast Lemonade Day selling lemonade, bath bombs and other items.

"When they discovered that over 40,000 pets die from smoke inhalation a year, they decided to do something about it," Henicke's mother, Tanya Cavalcanti, said. "The Fairhaven firefighters came out and had just used a mask on a cat the week prior. They hope to fill all the South Coast firetrucks and EMS trucks with masks." 

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Keep watching the sky --- Charles Rogerson, Alameda CA

Saw your excellent list of acts of kindness. I'd like to add another:
Get a smile from one stranger every day.

This is harder than you might think. Some people will not return a smile.
At our church we are trying to intentionally build community (aka 'The Kingdom of God') and this is one of the things I do.

I also just finished leading a 5-week Lenten class called ‘Civil Disagreement - Can't We Just Talk?’, on how to build civil discourse.
Charles Rogerson
Alameda CA

Keep watching the sky


Gentleman calls attention to money on floor in restaurant.

March, 2018.  "After eating and getting ready to leave a well know restaurant in Fort Stockton, Tx. a gentleman called my attention to some money that my friend had dropped on the floor. There was a $100 bill and a $1 bill on the floor. We were finished paying and going out the door when this kind man let me know about the money. How wonderful was that??"  Vicki M.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful Random Act of Kindness!

Galveston teen receives sweet surprise after act of kindness goes viral

Author: Janelle Bludau.  LA MARQUE, Texas - Her kind gesture went viral on social media, and on Thursday, it was returned with a big surprise for one Galveston teen caught in the act cutting up food for her customer at a Waffle House in La Marque.

Hoping to save up for college, 18-year-old Evoni Williams tallies her tips at the end of every shift.  She was working towards her higher education that busy Saturday morning when she met Adrien.“He was like, 'My hands are not functioning too well.' He needed me to cut his food. And I did," Williams said.  Having trouble cutting up his meat, the 78-year-old asked for help.“My hands are not up to par. If I want to cut my meat, I look like I'm stabbing it," Adrien Charpentier said.  Of course she said yes, but what the two didn’t know is they were being watched by another customer.  “It was so busy in here, and she actually took the time to stop and hear what he had to say instead of walking past him. That just meant something to me," Laura Wolf said.  Laura Wolf snapped this photo in the middle of that moment.  “They got a fancy picture of my suspenders in the back," Charpentier said.  But what no one expected was what happened.  If you would like to read the rest of this wonderful story, please click link:


'This Changes My Life.' Woman Raises $250,000 for Homeless Man Who Helped Her When She Ran Out of Gas

This story is thanks to,  Tara John of TIME


A New Jersey woman has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for a homeless man who helped her when she ran out of gas on a highway last month.

Kate McClure, 27, was driving into Philadelphia in Oct. when she ran out of gas around 11pm on the Interstate 95. ” My heart was beating out of my chest” McClure wrote on her GoFundMe page.

A man she called “Johnny” came up to her car, told her to lock her doors, and spent his last $20 to buy her gas. “Johnny did not ask me for a dollar, and I couldn’t repay him at that moment because I didn’t have any cash” McClure, who works for the New Jersey Department of Transportation, writes.

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Jarrett Allen goes Thanksgiving shopping for 25 Queens kids ... and himself

This story is thanks to, Bryan Fonseca  @BryanFonsecaNY 

with_kids.1511268034 (1).jpg

Jarrett Allen, 6’11” NBA center, is barely 19-years-old. However, the rookie drafted by the Netsin the first round of this year’s NBA Draft is already leaving his imprint on those younger than him in the New York City community.

Back in September, Allen gave out free haircuts in Brooklyn, and on Monday he partnered with Key Food and visited Jackson Heights in Queens to help 25 middle schoolers from Elmcor Youth and Adult Activities do some last minute Thanksgiving shopping. Rather than handing out turkeys, long a great holiday tradition, Allen gave each of them a $70 budget, a shopping list and a cart.

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5 For Good - Maine Child Battling Terminal Cancer Celebrates Christmas

A Maine boy battling cancer celebrated Christmas early this weekend. This is likely Jacob's last holiday season and people from around the world are helping to make his final days as happy as possible.

He and his family celebrated Christmas, with Santa and Mrs. Claus, on Sunday inside the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center.

"We would like to thank our friends and family who jumped in to make this a special day we will remember for the rest of our lives," his family wrote on Facebook. We are so thankful you could be there with us. And to everyone, thank you for joining us on this journey. We will be sharing more later today and tomorrow, but for now, Merry Christmas!"

To celebrate the holidays early, the 9-year-old boy has asked for Christmas cards.

People have responded, sending tens of thousands of cards to the hospital.

Last week, a caravan of police squad cars from across New England drove past the hospital to show support for Jacob and other patients.

He has battled neuroblastoma since February 2014. The cancer has reached stage 4.
If you want to send Jacob a card, it can be mailed to:

Jacob Thompson
c/o Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center

22 Bramhall St.

Portland, Maine 04102



Two Strangers Meet on Social Media to Create Program for Hurricane Victims in US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

 Pam Engle and Sabrina Jureidini met on social media and joined forces to create Adopt-A-Family which is a volunteer organization that collects and ships supplies from donors on the mainland who each receive a wish list from a particular family in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Engle recalled how in the middle of the night she came across a post by Jureidini. "I was just sick and I said, 'We have to do something,'" Engle said. She recalled thinking, "'If we can get 20 or 30 families covered that would be great.'"

But now just weeks later their fledgling organization has sent supplies to more than 26,000 families.

"Everything we have been able to accomplish has been because of the support of our adopters and it's just been everybody getting the word out there, bringing awareness to the island and the need that's down there," Engle said. "We really think that they're making a difference, and it's that personal connection that really makes this unique."

Adopt-a-Family has a staff of 14 volunteers who have all been personally affected by the hurricanes this year.

"They are so just relieved to have that little box, little care package to get them through the week," he explained. "It's huge. Especially the kids and the elderly, these are two groups that we forget about in times of great need." Vernon Araujo, Director of Development at the Family Resource Center in the Virgin Islands explained.