Bad day for busy mom, turns around thanks to act of kindness


LUBBOCK, TX - It's not every day that a trip to the grocery store makes someone's day, but that's what happened this weekend at United Supermarket in Lubbock.

It all happened on Monday, when Amber Sparks had all five of her kids with her because of a student holiday. She had errands to run, so they came along with her.

After several stops, the last thing on the list was grocery shopping, and it was just before lunchtime. 

"They were hungry and angry, and it wasn't really pleasant," Amber Park said about her five kids. "They were asking, 'Can we get this? I'm so hungry, I want that.'"

When checking out at the United on 130th Street and Indiana Avenue, Park asked for $40 in cash back. But through the hectic time, the employee never gave her the cash. 

Park got all the way back to her home in Central Lubbock when she realized she didn't get her cash back. 

"I was frustrated because I have all these kids. We just finished running all these errands, and they're ready to be home and stay home," Park said. "I was grouchy and my kids just saw me get kind of feisty on the phone, like, 'What are you going to do make this better?'"

Tyler Connor was the one who answered Park's phone call. 

"When she said she had five kids, and they were all little, I mean, I saw them come into the store. I said, 'I completely understand," Connor said. 

Connor sent another employee all the way to Park's house to hand deliver the $40.

"He gets out of the car, and he's wearing a boot on his foot," said Park. "But he comes over with a big smile on his face and he walks over. And he says, 'Ma'am, I'm so sorry about that. We went ahead and added a $10 gift card for you.'"

Tyler Murphree was the one who delivered the money and the gift card, and he said it's all about United's goal for great customer service. 

"It's more of a personal thing. You don't want to leave a sour taste in someone's mouth," Murphree said. 

For the Park family, this act of kindness was worth way more than just $40.

"It meant a lot because someone heard and cared and you don't always get that," she said.

Park also posted this story on the Nextdoor app and said she received lots of comments and messages about people having similar stories when shopping at United.