Local Officer Responsible for Mystery Act of Kindness

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Eileen Rinde is singing the praises of a stranger after witnessing an act of kindness.

"I don't know who you are, but you know who you are and the good Lord knows who you are, you did a wonderful thing for those kids," said Eileen Rinde.


She was heading to the Travelodge with her grandson around 8 Monday night, August 27, when saw four young panhandlers on the corner near Cash Wise in Moorhead.

The next morning, she went down to breakfast to find one of the panhandlers in the lobby.

"I asked the clerk, 'Does he work here?' and he said 'No, actually a police officer brought in four young homeless people, paid for their rooms so they could have a warm bed, a hot shower, and a meal for the day,"' she said.

Moorhead police can't confirm who this charitable champion is, but they say it's not uncommon for police officers to drop homeless people or panhandlers off at places they need to go.

It is unusual for them to pay for a night at a hotel.

And those dollars are what's making all the difference, to the kids, and those who witnessed it.

"What you did for those kids will last, they will remember that their whole life long," said Rinde.