Hanover mother and son volunteer to help train guide dogs

This wonderful story is a credit to WCVB abc' 5 for Good and Erika Tarantal

HANOVER, Mass. —Mario, Sabba, Rumor and Ragu are all puppies raised in Hanover by a devoted pair. Lisa Bumbalo and her son Collin Wright are volunteer puppy raisers for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, an organization that trains service dogs for the visually impaired.

"You really try and teach them as much as you can to be respectful dogs," Bumbalo said.

Pat Webber is a regional manager for the organization, she said they depend on volunteers to give their dogs a good foundation. They teach the puppies house manners and basic obedience.

"They give so much of their time and energy," Webber said.

Bumbalo said it’s not easy, requiring “a lot of consistency, a lot of attention and a lot of hard work,” but, she said her son has been committed to training the dogs they’ve taken in from the start.                   

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