Random Acts of Kindness: Quick-thinking stranger proves to be lifesaver


Someone saved my life — and I do not know who. I would like to express my gratitude.

About 5 p.m. on Nov. 5, I got off the 71B bus on Fifth Avenue at Tennyson Street in Oakland. As I got to the pavement, I lost my balance and fell. Somebody reached down quickly and yanked me up onto the sidewalk. I thought, “Whoa, not so fast! I am an old person.” After I was up, he asked, “Are you OK?” And when I said yes, he was gone.

Only days later did I realize that the bus driver could not have seen me lying on the ground. He was waiting for the light to turn green and drive on. If not for the quick action of a good Samaritan, I would have been squashed under the bus.

I injured my hand, my knee and bruised my face. My glasses got bent out of shape, but I am alive and wish I could say thank you to a quick thinker who saved my life.


Highland Park

Compassionate Good Samaritan gives comfort amid loss

I would like to express my gratitude to the young father who was pushing a baby stroller on Reynolds Avenue in front of Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic the morning of Oct. 26.

I was struggling — through tears — to take my darling cat out of my car after he suffered, without warning, a fatal medical event. The gentleman was so kind. He retrieved my purse from the car and put it on my arm and secured my car. He said how sorry he was.

I hope I said thank you. I am saying it now. That young man had no way of knowing what a comfort my kitty was to me while mourning the loss of my own child, and I have no doubt that he is a terrific dad.


North Shore

Those who returned lost wallet are true blessing 

My many thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the kind person who spotted my wallet sitting at an ATM and handed it over to the Bellevue Police Department.

Upon arriving in town on the morning I lost it, I realized I didn’t have time to go back to where I had left it — which led to a mini- panic when I got to work. I called everywhere I could think of, hoping it would be quickly turned in.

My hopes and prayers were answered when a Bellevue police officer promptly called back after I made an earlier report of the loss. After some back-and-forth calling, I was able to retrieve my wallet a mere two days after I’d absentmindedly walked away after using an ATM.

What a relief and a blessing the good Samaritan and the police officer were to me.