Ruby Tuesday Employee Walked 10 Hours To Work Everyday Until Moving Surprise From Coworkers

Thanks to a generous Ohio community and his co-workers, Kevan Finley will no longer have to spend 10 hours a day walking to work. The 30-year-old was working as a cook at a Ruby Tuesday near his home in Elucid, Ohio, until it shut down in June. When he had trouble getting a local job that would pay him more than minimum wage, he decided to continue working for the chain restaurant's location in Mentor — 9 miles away.

He was making the 18-mile round-trip trek every day, six days a week since then. "I didn't mind the walk and didn't feel the need to tell anyone at work about it," Finlay told TODAY.

After the restaurant's general manager found out a month ago how he got to work, co-workers took turns driving him home whenever possible. And then, while driving him home one day, waitress Shayla Kathleen found out Finlay had been saving up for a car and studying to get his license.

She told the rest of the staff and together they created a GoFundMe page, which has already raised more than $8,000 for Finlay. As soon as he gets his license, he plans to head straight to Lakeland Auto Credit, where a car will be ready and waiting for him. The owner of the car dealership, Neil Perry, has even offered to donate $1,000 of his own money to go toward the car.

"Up until recently, Kevan had no idea about any of this and when I told him about the GoFundMe," Kathleen said. "His only response was, 'I was simply just going to work."

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