Illinois Police Officer Buys Teen A Gym Membership After Catching Him Trespassing

Pritchett, 28, said he caught Vincent Gonzales, 15, of Chicago, sneaking into the facility three days in a row and gave him verbal warnings on each occasion, even going so far as to explain the liability issue of having a minor in the gym without written permission from a parent or guardian.

"I felt for the kid. He really did just want to play basketball, but it was a policy enforcement issue more than anything," Pritchett told ABC News. "I said, 'If you sneak in again, I'll have to call the cops.'"

Pritchett said he finally made the call to police on August 17 to come "spook him" from trespassing again. Skokie Police Officer Mario Valenti was the one to respond.

"Officer Valenti approached him with a stern and authoritative demeanor and said, 'Hey kid, you know you can't be in here, man, grab your stuff,'" Pritchett said, adding that the teen "looked so startled, with a face like 'I've been caught.'"

Once they arrived at the front desk, Valenti asked Gonzales why he kept sneaking onto the court. The teen admitted that he just wanted to play basketball, but could not afford a membership, Pritchett said.

Valenti pulled out his personal debit card, looked at Pritchett and said, "What will 150 bucks get him?"

Pritchett received the go-ahead from the X-Sport's human resources office to give Gonzales a two-year, all-inclusive membership, and the gym agreed to cover the remaining $718 balance for it.

Teen Gym Membership