A national focus on the ways we can show kindness and exhibit respectful behavior to others at work, home and within our own communities through small, thoughtful personal interactions.  


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Massachusetts Day of Civility 

The second annual Massachusetts Day of Civility is November 23, 2018.  Click here to learn more.

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―Mark Twain

National Civility Foundation’s purpose is to:

Heighten awareness of the importance of respect, civility and socialization while promoting the intentional practice of kindness and thoughtful personal interactions with others in our daily lives.  


 Message from our Founder

Message from our Founder

Interestingly, despite all our amazing highly advanced technological capabilities desgined to connect, we have never been more disconnected.  In addition, core American values and timeless family traditions are all but evaporating. 

We have, at this moment in time, a terrific opportunity to reunite as a nation, to demonstrate respect toward each other, engender goodwill, earn trust and ultimately advance interpersonal relationships at home, at work and perhaps even for mankind abroad.  Our Foundation is reaching out to all disciplines of education, law enforcement, business, government, community and beyond, to train, educate and set an example, to work for civility, respect, socialization as a way to be and encourage a more people-centric, compassionate, civilized, respectful society.  

Through specialized training and education, and purposeful action, we aspire to advance civility, respect and socialization while promoting the intentional practice of thoughtful personal interactions with others in our daily lives. 

Using effective interpersonal communication tools and strategies we aspire to change the paradigm and set a new standard for educators and students to help unlock students’ potential and bring our message to the front lines of education and front-of-mind of leaders of the next generation.  We believe the most effective approach is to help support the teachers and community leaders who serve as role models and mentors to students. 

Leaders of the next generation are not being taught manners, social skills, boundaries – even respect at home for many reasons, or in school, and no one is born knowing anything.  Teachers help shape America’s future leaders and need to be at the center of crafting and refining curriculum and instructional materials that meet students’ needs to be better prepared to succeed.  Our programs give teachers the support they need to enable them to share best practices and craft more personalized scalable solutions to learning that can be adopted quickly and broadly.  

We aspire to have Professional Presence/First Impressions Civility Training/Certification become part of the fabric of school curriculums around the country to help develop respectful, confident, socially aware, professionally savvy Next Generation leaders.  It is our supreme hope that this Foundation’s urgent message will ignite an electrifying movement and inspire present and Next Generation individuals to work together, touch the heart/s and rekindle the spirit of our great Nation.  


Judith Bowman


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